Syria: Appearances May Be Deceptive

There is a lot of disinformation going around on the conflict in Syria’s Idlib province at the moment, mostly emanating from the Turkish side.

Claims of massive Syrian casualties are unsupportable. As are claims of the destruction of Syrian chemical weapon facilities. No such facilities exist.

It is clear that the conflict has taken a turn in the last few days, with the Turkish backed terrorist forces making some gains (retaking Saraqib and surrounds), yesterday launching a massed attack to claw back some of the recent Syrian gains in southern Idlib south of the M4.

The change came, I think, following the killing of a number of Turkish troops in a single incident – troops intermingled with leading terrorist forces.  The appearances are that when Russia realised this was happening, and Russia has been careful not to injure Turkish military, they have reduced their air support of Syria to limited areas away from the main struggles.  Whether this is just what appears to be happening or not I am not prepared to say – because I don’t know.  But even the Russian online media appear to have gone quiet recently – preferring to talk about ‘talks’ rather than actions.  Maybe something big is brewing, and we are in an intermediate phase, I don’t know.  Only time will tell.  There are reports of a massing of Syrian reinforcements being sent to Idlib from coastal areas. It is all up in the air just now. 

Erdogan has little support back in Turkey for this war and similarly from his NATO allies.  But Russian support for Syria is crucial to any swift conclusion to this affair.  We will have to watch carefully which way the wind blows in coming days.  The Syrian government still has my unconditional 100% support for its drive to free itself from externally driven aggression.  There can be no negotiation on those principles.


“Army units continue operations against Turkey-backed terrorists in Idleb countryside” – SANA

“Erdogan uses misleading and lying policy, claims destruction of chemical weapons facilities in Syria” – SANA

“Putin, members of Russia’s Security Council alarmed at escalation in Idlib” – TASS

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