Free Internet For All?

Taking a welcome break from war reports, here is an interesting story.

The British, who are very happy to originate their own bare-faced lies about Russia (think Skripal, just as an example) or perpetuate the bare-faced lies of others (think anything to do with NATO’s Russophobia, just as an example), but are very grateful (or perhaps that is crediting them with too much humanity) to use the services of Russia (just as their loony mates across the Atlantic are) to launch anything they want to reach near-earth orbit in space. 

Over 30 OneWeb satellites delivered from Florida to Baikonur spaceport – TASS

They, also like their mates across the big water, have neither the capacity nor the wherewithal to do that sort of thing for themselves.  That is kind of ironic, don’t you think?

They can think big, I will give them that.  But, think as hard as they like, they will never be able to do what Russia can do right now.   I can say that quite authoritatively about both those Western states because both of their economies are literally junk and about to collapse.  Meaning they, both of them, at some time before 2030 and probably this year, will not have two cents or two pence to rub together to produce anything.

So, hopefully, as a parting gesture to modern technology, they can produce the remaining 500 or so internet satellites for Russia to launch before that happens – providing the rest of the world with free internet for as long as it lasts.

We might just forgive them some of their many other misdemeanours if they can leave us with that legacy, before they sink into obscurity and are forever forgotten.

I had better stop there (and wipe the smile off my face) before I get too carried away with dreams of a better world without troublemakers.  Forget what I said, just read the TASS article.

“Over 30 OneWeb satellites delivered from Florida to Baikonur spaceport” – TASS

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