Warning: Foreign Political Interference in US 2020 Presidential Election

Just a little prior warning to the Democratic and other political establishment in the US, I am about to indulge in some foreign political interference in the US 2020 presidential election by attempting to influence voters in a particular direction which will undoubtedly not be one of your choosing. Now, if you don’t like that, whoever you are, you can go fuck yourselves.

If I were an American voter, which I thank all the powers of all the natural elements that I am not, I would see, as I think any rational human being would see, that the only sane vote I could make would be in favour of Tulsi Gabbard for President.

I have watched and listened carefully to what she says and have concluded that no other candidate, current or maybe slinking around waiting in the wings (I think you know who I mean), can stand toe to toe with her and measure up in any direction to what she says she stands for.

Your choice is clear. If you believe that you are sane enough to vote, then you only have one choice. Casting all non-essential issues aside, it has to be ‘Tulsi for President’. I feel sure you can see that.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and whether she would live up to her ideals in office has to be taken on trust. But her voice and demeanour (she does not shout at or berate people) is the only one, of all possible candidates, that carries the necessary air of sincerity, authority, honesty and humanity, to be a fine leader of the people.

And she has not said a single word, in all that I have heard, that I could disagree with.

You might want to also check this out. It’s new, and fresh: Tulsi Gabbard: “Disrespect Trump Voters = Dems Loss” – The Saker

One thought on “Warning: Foreign Political Interference in US 2020 Presidential Election

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  1. I didn’t want to say this in my post, but I will say it here. I will feel very sorry if, in the unlikely event that Tulsi Gabbard proves to be successful, she actually becomes US President. Sorry for her, personally. She does not deserve, no-one but the usual megalomaniacs who go into this contest do, to be trapped in the purgatory that presidential office inflicts on a person. But she is a big girl, and has been around the traps long enough to know all that, and to be going into the contest with eyes wide open. It is unfortunate, but no-one comes out of that process the same person who volunteered for it. They all age far more years than the actual time served.

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