All Is Never Quite What It Seems

“The Putin-Nazis Are Coming (Again)!”

It is at great personal risk to my reputation, such as it is, that I share this post. Don’t worry folks, it’s not what it seems. More of a ‘The Onion’ style take-down of the deep state establishment.

But I did worry at first when I started reading it. Had I lost my marbles? Was my opinion of CJ Hopkins entirely wrong? Well, no, I have not lost my marbles and CJ Hopkins continues to be thought of as a fine writer. I thoroughly recommend his debut novel – ‘Zone 23’. It’s a ripper – if you have the stomach for lurid sex, near-constant bad language, and the truth about a very possible corporate-dominated future in which humans, having outlived their usefulness are gradually hunted down, destroyed, and replaced by clones genetically manipulated to be totally compliant and gullible – well somebody has to buy all the stuff the corporates produce …and you might want to consider the question – is that program already ongoing?

Anyway, if you know me, take a tip – this is a fine article, which you may benefit from reading. No Putin-Nazis were harmed, or even seen, during its construction.

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