A Great Day For Syria

Today is a day of days. The six hour talks between Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the situation in Syria have concluded and, as far as I can see, have proved to be very successful.

There is far too much content for me to comment on, so I won’t, but my overall opinion is that everybody gets what they want, everybody is likely to be somewhere between happy and content, and nobody loses – except America of course, placed on the outer, which is somehow a minimal amount of poetic justice for all the trouble they have caused. They should not now linger on the doorstep, but exit and write their Syrian venture up as a lesson learned.

I’m going to provide a list of articles, mostly from TASS, for your personal perusal. I had to choose a lead article, and one with pictures is always good, especially when the subject is the Syrian army recovering its lost territory and by so doing preventing any further expansion of the Turkish incursion into their lands. So, this is it – and what better than to come from SANA – Syria’s own national news agency? 

“Syrian army enters new villages northwest of Hasaka, continues deployment in northern countryside” 

“A telephone call between Presidents al-Assad and Putin on the situation in northern Syria”

“Putin says talks with Erdogan unblocked momentous decisions on Syria”

“Russia, Turkey determined to combat Syrian separatism — joint memorandum”

“Turkish operation in Syria ending, further developments depend on the Kurds — Lavrov”

“Turkey and Russia will carry out joint patrolling in Syria, says Erdogan”

“Russian-Turkey defense cooperation will be continued, says Erdogan”

“Russia to assess need for extra forces to patrol Syrian territories — defense minister”

“Area of Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring to preserve status quo — memorandum”

“Turkish-Russian agreement on Syria “new era” in bilateral relations — spokesperson”

“Putin informs Assad on outcomes of talks with Erdogan — Kremlin”

“Russia, Turkey actively support launch of Syrian Constitutional Committee — Lavrov”

“Special agency may be set up to assist refugees returning from Syria’s north — Shoigu”

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