Yemen, Giving A Little Payback

“Yemeni Army Confirms Massive Drone Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities”

I have deliberately chosen the FARS News story of this attack on Saudi oil installations because it is much more likely to be objective and truthful than any Western media source – and I adjudge that it is so.

Good on the Yemeni Houthi rebels. They have at last got some teeth in what has been a mostly one-sided war where Western backing and arms supplies to the mostly incompetent Saudi Arabian armed forces has provided them with the means to become active war criminals in their onslaught against the people of Yemen. It is good to see that they are on the receiving end for once.

It is also good to see, and fully expected, the whining and threats from the West, especially America, which as usual are directed, without any form of justification, against Iran. Now, itg has to be said that Iran is in fact aiding the Houthi rebels in ways that it is able to do, and may, or may not, have supplied the drones that are now being used so effectively against the Saudis – who it seems that even with all the US and NATO weapons at their disposal cannot bring down the attacking drones. Little wonder then that the Saudis are actively seeking to obtain Russian S-400 defences as Turkey has done. They actually work.

I see the potential for global oil supply disruption and economic chaos arising from this destruction of Saudi refining capacity as being an entirely irrelevant issue in relation to the primary one of the potential dissuasion of Saudi aggression against Yemen. The rebels have now shown and previously demonstrated that they have the capacity to severely affect global oil production by hitting Saudi installations wherever they are sited.

It makes for an interesting and heartwarming (because I would like, and dearly hope to see, severe disruption to the global economy in my lifetime) situation.

American and other warmongers have no right to intervene in that. It doesn’t mean they won’t intervene of course, being the sort of derelict and degenerate desperadoes that they are. 

If you really must go for the Western slant on this, try this from the Australian ABC news:  “Drone attacks cripple production at giant Saudi oil plants, US says Iran to blame”

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