Calving Ice, Redux

It has been three years since I first saw this amazing video.  It was hard to convince anybody about the reality of climate change back then.  Few were interested.  That has changed some, a little, now, I guess, and as the next year and years roll out, that interest will continue to grow, simply because we won’t be able to ignore the facts as they confront us ever more disruptively.

It has been three years, but I still haven’t seen the entire Chasing Ice video.  There is a good reason for that.  Human greed and the need to make money, even out of such tragedies as the melting of Earth’s poles.  This dramatic footage was not shot for the public good.  If it were, it would have been distributed freely.  The fact that it hasn’t been, is a human failure to comprehend the trouble that we are in as a species.  Commerce and money tops that sort of thing and dominates all else, every time.  As a result, I doubt if many would even remember the Chasing Ice movie today because very few would ever have seen it around the world.  That, in itself, is a tragedy.

Still, it’s nice to have even this short video to give us the opportunity to grasp the portents of the climate carnage that we have released on ourselves.  Watch it full-screen.  Feel the immense power of nature.  And tremble at what awaits us as our coastal infrastructure becomes torn apart and buried by and under rising tides in the coming years.

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