A Little Q & A

Which country is the world’s largest oil producer?  Saudi Arabia.

Which country does every other country, including the US, rely on for the oil to keep the engine of economic growth chugging along Saudi Arabia.

Which country is responsible for keeping the price of oil down at or below the cost of production for the last few years?  Saudi Arabia.

Which country’s oil exports have been declining by 1.4% every year for the last decade because it needs constantly more oil for its own domestic consumption?  Saudi Arabia.

Which country’s cash reserves have been falling by $12 billion a month in the past year which means they will soon have reserves too low to any longer be an attractive investment?  Saudi Arabia.

Which country will be unable to export any oil sometime in the next 15 years?  Saudi Arabia

Which country will soon be in the grip of its very own civil uprising?  Saudi Arabia.

Which country(s) will also very soon experience their very own rapid economic decline because of all of the above?  Every country.

Is that clear?  Seems clear to me.

Are you ready?  That one is not for me to answer.

This post inspired by: The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable

See also: Saudi Arabia has withdrawn as much as $70 billion from global markets to plug its budget deficit

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