“Bye Bye America” – Part 2

You can't, with any hope of retaining much in the way of credibility, say on one day "Bye Bye America" - a story of societal collapse - and on the very next day say "Is America Really Collapsing?" - another story of societal collapse with a note of hope at the end.  Yet this is... Continue Reading →

A Little Q & A

Which country is the world's largest oil producer?  Saudi Arabia. Which country does every other country, including the US, rely on for the oil to keep the engine of economic growth chugging along?  Saudi Arabia. Which country is responsible for keeping the price of oil down at or below the cost of production for the... Continue Reading →

System Thinking and the Informal Vote

George Monbiot, an author, political commentator and a columnist for The Guardian UK, occasionally gets things right and I have to agree with much of what he says in this article presented by the Permaculture Research Institute Australia. I felt I should comment on his piece by relating why I voted informally (mostly due to... Continue Reading →

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