The Saker Blog Loses All Credibility

I have never seen so much crap written in a single blog post as I read this evening on the Saker blog. I have long been wary of the open Christian evangelism (not the same kind of the even more derisible ‘evangelism’ of the more outrageous protestant elements of the western church, let me add) noticeably present in the forefront of that blog’s message – always present but growing in ebullience in recent times. As a once zealous believer, now grown up and awake to the ridiculousness and impossibility of the message of any patriarchal religion, or of any notion of a ‘supreme being’, I find this to be quite sickening and beyond irrelevant in this perhaps final age of the flawed scientific experiment called ‘humanity’.

In a post of my own dated August 20, 2022 (just a few days ago), I wrote of Batiushka (the author of the piece I mentioned above) –  “I can’t say I agree with everything he writes there, some of which is beyond my interest or the extent of my knowledge…”. Well, this subject is not beyond my interest or the extent of my knowledge. I was deeply immersed in it for most of my youth, and I have both seen and experienced the harm it can do to a person who may, under peer pressure or personal guilt, come to acknowledge the precepts of a religion such as Christianity. And I know just how difficult, perhaps impossible, to fully divest oneself of the consequences of such brainwashing and mind-twisting. It is all so illogical. So divorced from reality. So evil in intent. A story designed solely to entrap and control once free beings to bring them under control of a devious and dubiously motivated patriarchal hierarchy. All while the ‘patriarchs’, the ‘priests’ (go-betweens) – who stand in the stead of some invisible and not too historically verified (actually not at all historically verified) being who is said to have powers of life and death over his beloved children – children he is willing to burn in everlasting torment should they stray from the path or not do what they are told to do, indulge themselves in the very same banned practices (personal enrichment, debauchery, humiliation/torture/killing of their ‘flock’, and similar persecution of ‘unbelievers’) as those, their ‘sheep’, they so ‘compassionately’ and vehemently steer away from doing. It is a simple con-trick. A means of keeping the once less educated and the now so ingrained with the traditions of their forebears, in some form of mindless limbo – pitying or persecuting those who break free from the manacles of religious formalism, while all the while fighting against all the other religious cabals in order to gain converts and a position of ‘top-billing’ – with no thought of the consequences – because they know damn well their ‘God’ does not exist.

You will notice I am not going to present a link to the Saker post I find so offensive. You can find it for yourself if you have the interest. Look around today’s date for one of many articles mourning the recent passing through premeditated execution of the young Russian citizen, Daria Dugin in Moscow.

That is all I want to say on this. I could probably have said it better, or more eloquently, but I have to get this out there while it is still hot in my mind. The most sad thing about that is there are so many important things I could be writing about just now. This is a turbulent time in modern history, and much is about to come to light on many things which will shape all our days from this time on.

I can only hope, and I think it will be the case, that this death of such a promising young life, will spur those who need to make decisions appropriate to ensuring the right paths are taken, to do so, and do it quickly.

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  1. Bernie, I concur with your assessment of The Saker. I still check the site out, mainly to see if they have posted Pepe Escobar’s latest essay, but their rantings of their “Orthodox” religion being superior in any way or form, is tiring at best, and simply stupid at its worst. I quit reading Dimitri Orlov’s blog pretty much for the same reason a few years ago. Just because we live in “interesting” times doesn’t mean you through reason out the window and cling on to the most archaic of beliefs is just plain weird to me. Anyway, I like your thoughts and ramblings and look forward to your new posts.

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