The Rest of the Story

This is not about a Myanmar MiG-29. This is not about an incursion into Thai airspace. This is not about Ukraine – which I regularly talk about these days. Though Ukraine gets a mention.

It is not even about terrorism – that endemic feature of the modern world – though ‘terrorism’ is central to the story.

It is ‘The Rest of the Story’. It is all about the dark side of the US and its evil involvement and causality of every dark, evil, nasty, and despicable thing that is enacted anywhere and everywhere in this world.

It is about the cancer, which is the US, and which must be cut from the body of humanity (it does not belong there) before ever the world can progress and perhaps successfully meet the impending challenges we, the world, are even now being called to face. We must rid ourselves of the mainly white exceptionalist mentality which drives that cancer to interfere drastically in the lives of every human being every single day of our lives in one way or another.

That is the part we see. But only if we are aware of the rest of the story. It is the rest of the story that is important for you and me to understand. We seldom get to hear it, if we get to hear it at all. That story is masked and distorted by the world’s media and the propaganda broadcast by the world’s governments, their agencies and operatives, and a great many trusted NGOs. Not to mention our own misguided friends and families, who generally speak, if they speak at all on important matters, from a faulty perspective informed by deliberately misleading or totally false stories derived from the previously mentioned sources of information. Even our history books are framed to delude us. Little wonder then that we are a confused and troubled people. Directionless and insecure, with growing mental problems and social dilemmas never before seen in such profusion as we witness today.

And it is all the fault of the mainly white exceptionalists of the US. They must be removed, since they cannot be reformed.

Thank goodness the Russians have that removal or neutralisation or subjugation in mind – whether they realise it or not – behind their plans for their own security. Which is, by extension, being enacted for the security of the whole human race. Thank you Russia. All strength to your cause. And may your allies soon also take a greater part in the effort. And may many other countries seek to become your allies. This is a once in a lifetime, perhaps a once in the epoch of a species, opportunity to prevail over evil influences.

There is one man, at least at the tip of the spear, who is driving this venture. Behind him is a huge team of course, his ministers, his aides, most of the Russian population, and multitudes of grateful people located elsewhere. You know of whom I speak. I also humbly stand behind him, aware of the greatness, and necessity, and ultimate importance of his task.

There is another man. One man, in my estimation, above all others in the reporting field, who can tell the rest of the story adequately, clearly, incisively, without obvious bias and with good judgement. That man is Brian Berletic. I know of no-one else who does it better. His medium is varied, but most effectively on Rumble. I cite an example below, which since it will not embed here I can’t display directly (a necessary security measure since most online display facilities are controlled by the evil forces who do not hesitate to interfere, block and remove that which they do not like or approve). You will need to visit the online site.

‘Myanmar MiG-29 Warplane Enters Thai Airspace: The Rest of the Story’ – Brian Berletic – The New Atlas channel, Rumble

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