Another Analysis of Biden-Putin Talks

Say what you will about Andrei Raevsky, aka The Saker, and I do from time to time, but when it comes to analysing events of a mostly military nature there is perhaps no better source of valid thought.

In terms of news cycles, this is perhaps becoming a little old now but what he says in analysing the recent Biden-Putin summit is entirely worth the time to engage with.

He begins by trying to alienate me (not personally of course) by saying that “those who now claim that the Biden Putin summit did not produce anything tangible and was, at best, a waste of time are plainly wrong…”. I can let that pass because he then proceeds to talk about the “hysterical reaction of the War Party“, which for me was entirely to be expected, did not materially affect anything, and was therefore not anything worthy of note.

Raevsky then continues to raise a number of points which, obviously correct and interesting in their own right, do not in themselves denote anything of material value arose from the meeting other than an agreement to further discussions at the ‘expert’ level.

His final conclusion, that “Russia has done all she should and could by forcing the USA into a strategic retreat and now all she can do now is wait,” is exactly the best result that Russia could expect. But that expectation itself was not exactly earth-shattering. I rest in my original conclusion.

Incidentally, the short video at the end of the piece, which I have never seen before, was quite enlightening – and a warning to anyone stupid enough to take on Russia in any kind of serious war situation. Those are not German soldiers carrying their own unit flags. They are Russian soldiers carrying defeated German unit flags – and dealing with them appropriately.

“Assessing the outcome of the Biden Putin summit” – The Saker Blog – December 14, 2021

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