Syria Is Not A Training Ground For Foreign Troops

This is ridiculous. It is now 18 months, a year and a half, since a ceasefire was forced on the Syrian army’s successful advance against terrorists and their Turkish backer in Idlib province by outside influences that had zero right to interfere in that process (I’m talking about the UN), forcing a false peace policed jointly by Russia and Turkey over the area. And today, or yesterday, was the very first time that these ‘policemen’ held a joint exercise on how to, not attack the militants (no live fire involved – simply procedural training), but simply to defend themselves against militant attacks. That is disgraceful. And pitiful. And a mark of the disinterest of both parties to bring this matter to resolution.

I don’t envy Russia’s task of having to deal with the Turks though. But it is high time to stop with the pussy-footing around and get on with putting countless worthless militants and their backers in the ground where they belong. Syria is not a training ground for foreign troops – Russian, Turkish, or anyone else. It is a real life, life or death struggle for the Syrian people. And those people (and their own soldiers) deserve better support than this. 

“Russia And Turkey Conclude First Ever Anti-Militant Exercise In Idlib” – Southfront 

And (sorry for beginning so many sentences with ‘and’ but this is all really just an expression of a single connected thought) those useless bastard Americans, and their consorts and flunkies, must never be forgiven for what they have done to demean and destroy this precious part of the world. It is also high time to stop treating the US military as ‘partners’ or ‘colleagues’. They are the enemy, just as much as a bunch of rag-tag militants. And (there I go again) to hell with the consequences – which are probably overstated anyway.

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