Time For Justice To Be Seen

“Syria considers suing Washington for Syrian oil theft and violating Syria’s sovereignty” – The Rabbit Hole

Love the tone of Sarah Abed’s writing here. Strong, determined, forthright, and backed by the truth. Justice may be hard to find in today’s world but I think the US made a huge and fatal mistake as 2019 closed yesterday by bombing Iraqi militia units. This I think and hope has sealed the fate of US involvement in both Iraq and Syria. 

I feel sure that the Iraqi people will now turn on the Empire of Evil, forcing them to leave the country once again as in 2011. An act that would of necessity also force them out of Syria by having no direct supply route.

But hopeless as it might seem, some attempt must be made to extract justice for the heinous acts the US Empire of Evil and its cohorts have committed – and not just for Syria, not just for the Middle East generally, but for wherever their dark hands have operated across the world.

I want to see the world combine to turn against the US and bring an end to the tyranny it has so egregiously committed on our world for decades. Is this now the time to do it?

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