‘Adaptation’ – the characteristic of being able to adjust to a particular environment.

“System of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions to be formed in Russia by 2025”

Well this is welcoming news, and although we will need to wait to see what it actually means, the first concrete statement issued by the Russians possibly indicates the right attitude – “By 2022, it is planned to implement the first stage of national adaptation to climate change.”

‘Adaptation’, that’s a relatively good word in this context, if it means what it says.  No talk of fighting climate change or combating climate change – which are ridiculous notions in any case – as if humans can in any way hope to undo in a few years what havoc they have created over a couple of centuries or even at all have any effect on that other than to make it worse.  That is the language of those who intend to do nothing positive but loudly make out that they are.  These are the same ones that Mr Putin was referencing in giving his opinion on Greta Thunberg – the ones that intend to profit from useless and dangerous activities that will in fact destroy the nature and environment they claim to be so concerned about.  The same ones who are ‘using’, in its darkest sense, children like Greta through the climate and conservation NGOs they have infiltrated, bought and usurped, to gain attention to their capitalist, profit driven schemes.

So, if Russia truly intends to adapt its people, enterprise and economy to climate change, that is a sensible thing to do.  Of course, as I keep stipulating, it would be best to cast away all their enterprise and economic activity, but they cannot do that while everyone else keeps on plugging away at fruitlessly trying to grow their economies.  And that will no doubt persist, no matter what or how climate activists voice their concern, until it can no longer physically do so – for whatever reason, whether that is climate related or one of the many other dramas to impinge on all our lives quite imminently.

Go Russia!  At least you appear to be on the right track. 

As far as I can see,  no-one else is.

Everything ultimately depends on whether humans actually possess the characteristic of being able to adjust to the particular environment that they will have, to some extent, created for themselves.

That’s adaptation.

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