Of Rudeness And Arrogance…

American diplomacy is “…rude and arrogant…” says the Russian embassy in Kiev. 

That pretty much nails it.

I very much like the Russian attitude to US vocal belligerence – “If the American colleagues try to raise tensions in the negotiating process, they are definitely on the right path. We won’t be congratulating them on that, though,” they say with just a hint of humour, wit, and a sprinkling of mild derision.  Finishing with the sage observation – “As for the Russian side, it does not require lessons and tips, especially when they are formed in a derogatory and presumptuous manner.”

Fortunately, I am not so bound by diplomatic niceties, and can add to the ‘rudeness and arrogance’ comment in the Russian critique of the US the observation that US diplomats and government officials are irremediable liars and full of shit. 

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