At Last, Military Moves In Syria…

Finally, after almost 2 years of nothing much happening in Syria, other than the sneaky US taking advantage of the ‘quiet time’ to consolidate its position in Syria’s north and continue its theft of Syrian oil revenue (among other deceitful activities), the Syrian army – the real Syrian army (SAA) – is making headway against the worthless terrorists in Idlib province. Making headway with a plan – a sound military plan to cut off and reclaim a large chunk of the land that it rightfully theirs. Isolating at the same time, unless they withdraw very quickly, an illegal Turkish garrison in one of their ‘observation posts’.

This is good news for Syria. It had to come, and it looks like the SAA means business this time. Good on them.

This SouthFront article has the story:   Syrian Army Moves To Encircle Khan Shaykhun, Captures Hilltop

It doesn’t make headlines these days but there is still an awful lot of Syrian land to be cleared of undesirables – like the US and European military contingents still infesting the country. May they leave or be buried there, and soon, either way.

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