The End Of… Well, Quite A Lot Of Things, Really

I have for some time now been saying (on my VK site: and elsewhere) that the world should expect dramatic changes in the way we live, either this year or the next (2019/20). Meaning basically that the lifestyle you now have will entirely, not partially, entirely disappear along with all the chaos, disruption, and carnage that the eventuation of such an utterly shocking thing can, with little imagination thrown in, be expected to produce everywhere or pretty much everywhere around the world.

I doubt that very many people have read my words or similar predictions from a growing number of others, and of those who have read them, few would doubtlessly have attached any credibility to such possibilities.

Well, no matter, it is not now long to wait. I just thought that people might just like to be forewarned to prepare for such eventualities. It is no concern of mine either way whether such warnings are heeded or not. If they are going to happen, they will still happen, at exactly the appointed time, whether or not.

But as I said, I am not by myself in predicting this. Read this:
“…we must expect abrupt turmoil from 2020 onwards not only re oil, but also concerning all other forms of energy supply”.
Those are the words of Dr Louis Arnoux, a scientist, engineer and entrepreneur committed to the development of sustainable ways of living and doing business, quoted from this piece (for which I thank Bev Courtney of the ‘Foodnstuff’ blog for bringing to my attention).

This is not the sort of information you either want to hear while doing whatever it is that you are doing right now, nor is it the sort of information that those who influence what you do see and hear, what we might term ‘the authorities’, want you to see/hear. Hence why you have probably not known, read, heard, or seen of such impending calamity heretofore. Well, here it is now. Make of it what you will.

And ask of yourself the question – What if this is true? It can’t be true can it? Somebody would have told us by now, wouldn’t they? (why do you think I am writing this?) But what if it really is true? Oh Lordy, that would kind of throw all my plans out of the window wouldn’t it? Will I be able to finish my degree? What about my job? And my kids? …? …? …?

I offer another quote from Dr Arnoux’s article:
“While most do not understand the intricacies summarised here, thousands of scientists and millions of people now do realise that they no longer have a future.”

Financial experts (Companies listed in the article) conclude that the oil industry will disintegrate before 2030. It has been in decline for the past seven years and as more and more energy is required to produce less and less oil (the only viable source of our civilisation maintaining energy), there will be less and less energy to keep our complex global society going. We are struggling now, and I believe that the crunch, the turning point, the climax, the collapse, will come by 2020. And by the time that all oil production ceases – no later than 2030 – there will be nothing much left that is recognisable as an organised society as we know it today.

Ask yourself the right questions. I listed some of them above.

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