Some Deep Thinking Required

‘Deep Thought’ was a computer. The unseen character in a four part fictional work nominally posing as compendium for understanding ‘the galaxy’. The ‘Deep Thought’ computer, the biggest one ever built (I’m working from memory here, so some details may not be completely accurate [afficionados need not respond]), was so built for the express purpose of answering the ultimate question as to ‘What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?’. It took a million years of ‘Deep Thought’ for it to arrive at the ultimate answer – which has been echoed endlessly down through the years. The answer is, simply, ’42’. Proving that the computer, inaptly named, was after all, nothing more than a fraudulently advertised, man-made, inefficient but hugely expensive, RNG.

It could be argued, I suppose, that this ubiquitous fictional exercise (everybody who could, has read it or seen the movie) is entirely responsible for the fact that ‘deep thought’ is no longer a ‘thing’ in the modern world. Or at least not a thing that is easily found. Such an indictment is not true of course. Mankind began to gradually lose the ability for ‘deep thought’ centuries ago, following The Enlightenment – as the story I am about to introduce to you explains.

The problem is, that you will need to exercise a level of ‘deep thought’ in order to read it, or at least to derive much from it. So I suppose it will mostly go unread or only partially read. And since most people who only partially read something will undoubtedly skip to the end, I will provide the ending here as a quote, to save them the trouble.

The ancient notion was that a secure, ‘alive’ culture is the root to both personal and communal sovereign power. Its necessary and sufficient condition is to have, as its foundation, a people that is mentally ‘active’ and awake; one that is alive to the chimeric nature of the world; that may re-activate its vitality and its cultural strength, and thus prevail over the financially richer, and entrenched, forces of entropy.

The ‘Wrong’ Turning Brings on the ‘Fourth Turning’ – Alastair Crooke – July 4, 2022 – Strategic Culture Foundation

Wow! Now, wasn’t that something to tickle the Human Inquisitivity Nerve? Inquisiti…? Inquisiv…? Inquis…? Well, whatever! Want more? The online link is also just above.

Basically, as if you still needed convincing, the essay is about how the ‘Enlightenment’ has turned into a catastrophe for the human race by leading us directly – well, over a few centuries – to where we are now. Which is arguably a bemused and confused species, having been manipulated and rendered into a sleepwalking state where we are conditioned to accept anything and everything we are told, and thoughtlessly comply. Thus setting ourselves up for a reset where most of us will be termed ‘useless, hackable, people’, and disposed of appropriately. And most of us cannot see this is already happening. And for some disquieting reason, most of us are happy with that.

Well, that is what it means to me. But you, if you have any doubts, should read and learn for yourselves.

I recommend you do that.

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