Don’t Forget Syria

Rarely do I watch or listen to any online documentary interview (I think, showing my age, they are called 'podcasts' these days), even when accompanied by video, as this one is, but, released today by Aaron Maté, this interview with Australian academic Dr Tim Anderson, centred around the Syrian situation and probably prompted by the... Continue Reading →

United States Bull Shit Diplomacy (USBSD), or further abbreviated to USBS (since it is not limited to diplomacy)

Poor Sergei Lavrov and his colleagues in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are obliged (sort of), by the rules of international diplomacy, to frequently sit and quietly listen to USBS - possibly several times a day, or at least several times a week - while trying to keep a serious face without smirking,... Continue Reading →

Interlude, Before Peace or War

Today, while we wait for the 'Afternoon Tea' to roll out and become history, I want to feature the latest post by Christopher Black, Canadian writer, who has just published an interesting piece on the same Russia-US imbroglio that has been my own focus for a while. And let's face it, what else is there... Continue Reading →

“Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death” – “…an experimental vaccination resulting in death is like suicide”

I totally agree. People who take a COVID vaccination should know the facts - otherwise they are classified fools, and in the insurance world (just as in law) ignorance is no excuse. And only a fool or an ignoramus would knowingly take an experimental vaccination which from the beginning of its distribution program and still... Continue Reading →

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