The Evening Fade of Western Light, with Daybreak Rising in the East

When confronted on their baseless allegations in any situation, and MH17 is just an example, Western interests have no appetite for participation in any form of sensible, honest, dialogue.  They merely attempt to bluff, bluster and bully their way through such impediments, taking unwarranted and mostly facile steps aimed only at establishing the appearance of... Continue Reading →

Brain Dump

I am becoming despondent... no, not despondent, that's the wrong word (though there may be an element of that within it). Though I think it is more of a 'dis-' thing than a 'des-' thing. I am becoming... (reaching for the dictionary [yes I still keep one of those], looking for words beginning with 'dis-',... Continue Reading →

Lacking Imagination and Honour

"No less than 20 Western countries worked with Novichok agent - Russia’s Foreign Ministry" - TASS I have nothing to add to this report other than, sad to say, once again it is the West that is shown to be the source and driver both of ludicrous anti-Russian accusations and the dangerous substances (though this... Continue Reading →

Chaos – Reaching A Blow Point

The world we live in today, is one of chaos; of corruption; of fraud; of hate; of malice; of the twisting of truth and the schemings of evil men (and women).  And nowhere is this more sharply silhouetted against the background of time than in today's America.   Every day reveals some new facet of the... Continue Reading →

US Anti-China Rhetoric Fails to Impress

Piggy Pompeo's oinking and squealing European anti-China tour did not go well, as I reported recently.  Here is XinhuaNet's nation-by-nation report."Xinhua Headlines: Pompeo's China-smearing rhetoric not well received in Europe". How embarrassing for America. I need not add anything to that report.  It speaks very clearly for itself, but I will just mention that it... Continue Reading →

Venezuelan Gold Liberated

A UK court victory for Venezuela and its rightful and incumbent president Nicholas Maduro, and a slap in the face for Donald Trump, Boris Johnson (especially), the Australian government and various other sub-serfs of the US empire who have all, without any due cause really, or much thought, hitched their ponies to the shaky three-wheeled... Continue Reading →

Green-Washing At Its Best

It's a Capitalist world.  Nothing happens unless there is profit to be made. Capitalism is inherent to modern society, and arguably always was on some level.   So how are we supposed to manage the impending collapse of modern society, such a collapse being a given, and inevitably entailing a corresponding collapse of society's entangled capitalism, if,... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Speech is Conditional?

Freedom of speech is conditional?  That appears to be increasingly the case in so-called Western democracies.  The conditions attached to that freedom are expanding in scope.  This level-headed and very polite article from Global Times, explains. "UK guidance threatens Western freedom and democracy" - By Li Qingqing Source: Global Times Published: 2020/9/29 21:33:40 Can I refrain... Continue Reading →

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