Is Russia Turning Turkey?

Has Russia gone missing in Syria?  There is no mention of any Russian activity in recent days to assist its supposedly allied partner, the Syrian government, in its struggle against a Turkish invasion.  Other than the sending of two missile ships of the Russian navy through the Bosphorus, that is.  I don't see what help... Continue Reading →

Syria: Time To Take The Gloves Off

"IRANIAN FORCES IN SYRIA WARN TURKISH MILITARY OVER RECENT DRONE STRIKES ON GREATER IDLIB" - Southfront I sometimes forget that there are Iranian forces and militias, including the equally noble forces of Hezbollah in Syria, fighting alongside Syrian government troops. They generally receive little credit for what they do, operating mostly independently in the background... Continue Reading →

Syria: Appearances May Be Deceptive

There is a lot of disinformation going around on the conflict in Syria's Idlib province at the moment, mostly emanating from the Turkish side. Claims of massive Syrian casualties are unsupportable. As are claims of the destruction of Syrian chemical weapon facilities. No such facilities exist. It is clear that the conflict has taken a... Continue Reading →

Syria, The Week In Review

While the Turks and terrorists gloat over the retaking of Saraqib and the important M4/M5 highway junction there, over the past week Syrian forces have recovered a much larger area of their lands to the south in the mountainous salient and the plain of al-Ghab to the west of it that has been a thorn... Continue Reading →

NATO Operates ‘Sharing Economy’ With al-Qaeda Terrorists And Other Undesirables

Admitted in theSouthfront report linked below, the Turkish military (part of NATO), shares operational war rooms with, and generally operates alongside, the al-Qaeda affiliated and other terrorist groups operating in Syria's Idlib province against the legitimate government armed forces of Syria. Having agreed (or not) on their joint plans for the day, the terrorists -... Continue Reading →

Syrian Advance Continues In Idlib

The Syrian army has continued its advance yesterday all along the eastern Idlib front south of the M4.  Their intention is to obviously close off that whole region to terrorists and make the Turkish positions untenable there by controlling that major roadway. In this regard they are totally ignoring the presence of Turkish forces in... Continue Reading →

Syrian Idlib Offensive

Well, it seems someone got a little ahead of themselves yesterday.  Yes, a new Syrian offensive has opened in southern and eastern Idlib and a number of towns have been liberated from terrorist control, but not the ones I mentioned yesterday.  It is just a matter of time though.   I usually try to be careful... Continue Reading →

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