Defeat Is Victory

I think this just may be one of Dmitry Orlov's finest blog posts: Defeat is Victory You really must read it for yourself but I could not resist including here this quote, a rather long one but quite amusing (well, if you are not an American that is, or even if you are an American... Continue Reading →

Ninth Planet? Or Tenth?

At the risk of being thought a nutter, which I am sure some people already do, I would like to speculate a little hypothesis. The search is on for a ninth planet almost certainly known to be orbiting our Sun: Evidence suggests huge ninth planet exists past Pluto at solar system's edge This artistic rendering... Continue Reading →

Zombie Future

We have heard of zombie banks, zombie finance, zombie money.  We've seen zombie movies, played zombie games.  Now we are faced with a fleet of zombie ships dropping anchor:  People are afraid these 'zombie ships' are the first sign of global economic collapse Photo: An abandoned cargo ship in the polluted Guanabara Bay on July... Continue Reading →

It’s All Bulls And Bears To Me

I came across this Bloomberg article: Global Shareholders Have $27 Trillion Locked in Bear Markets Someone has been doing a roundup of the global share markets and has come up with some interesting figures.  I have no idea if they are correct or not, but I have no reason to doubt it so let's play... Continue Reading →

Speaking My Mind

Pretty much everything I write here and elsewhere, is designed to make people aware that the world we have now, the kind of society we have grown to know, the ongoing progressive advancement of our cultural, scientific and technological achievements, leading us to a better world in which everyone can share and enjoy the benefits... Continue Reading →

Mindless Mumbo Jumbo For Meatheads

So, once again Australia Day has been hijacked by the meat industry.  Another case of money talking no doubt. Australia Day lamb ad featuring Lee Lin Chin does not incite hatred against vegans, Advertising Standards Board rules Lee Lin Chin stars in a commercial for Meat and Livestock Australia. We Love Our Lamb/ YouTube  ... Continue Reading →

Something That Naturally Follows

There is a corollary to this (something that naturally follows), and it is this: Grandma's descendants today would not have a hope of surviving the next Great Depression (coming soon to a nation near you). Because their supply chain is anything but local, and they know how to do stuff-all. You see, great depressions are... Continue Reading →

Gardening. Yes, I Still Do.

It has been so long since I did a post on gardening (can't bring myself to look back that far) that people may have forgotten that I still do that.  And I think that it is really important to do so.  For everyone. This is learning time folks.  While there is still back-up in the... Continue Reading →

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