China, On A New Journey

In an unusually comprehensive and worthwhile online appraisal from TeleSUR, the China of President Xi Jinping is well described.   I do not need to comment further on China's success story.  My views on the good that most populous nation of the world has achieved to lift itself to a preeminent and enviable  position in global... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in True Democracy, From Xi Jinping

President Xi Jinping, leader of the People's Republic of China, the most populous nation on Earth and perhaps the nation state most closely representative of true democracy on the planet, addresses the subject earlier this month. If people only knew how China is actually governed, they would realise the truth of that statement. Oh, I'm... Continue Reading →

Knowing Your World Leaders

'GLOBALink | Xi Jinping as an avid reader of world masterpieces: Russian literature' - Xinhuanet The more I learn of China's national leader, President Xi Jinping, the more my respect and admiration for him grows. In this short, narrated video, President Xi's deep interest in world classic literature, in particular that of Russia, provides more... Continue Reading →

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