Damn You America.  Damn You To Hell.

Damn You America.  Damn You To Hell.  May You Rot In Torment For Ever. As someone who does not believe in either heaven or hell (or even the effectiveness or desirability of COVID vaccines), I am sure that somewhere desirably undesirable could be established for that curse to be fulfilled.  That diabolical nation absolutely deserves... Continue Reading →

Humbling The Raging Bull

The isolation of the US in virtually all fields of international significance continues apace but, really, who is to blame for that?  Where will this all lead to?  Well, it can do no harm for a raging bull to be rightfully humiliated by its peers, can it?  Assuming the raging bull is in any mental... Continue Reading →

Drain Hole to Nowhere

Well, it seems the European Union has just enjoyed a rare moment of sanity and has taken another timid step away from partnership with the almost universally hated US. Of course this has more to do with the fact that US sanctions under the rather pompous and self-defeating Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act is actually... Continue Reading →

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