Ninth Planet? Or Tenth?

At the risk of being thought a nutter, which I am sure some people already do, I would like to speculate a little hypothesis. The search is on for a ninth planet almost certainly known to be orbiting our Sun: Evidence suggests huge ninth planet exists past Pluto at solar system's edge This artistic rendering... Continue Reading →

A Stitch In Time

As I lay in my bed this morning, during that dreamy time before rising (assuming that you have the luxury of being able to rise whenever you are ready, and not to the tune of some intrusive alarm), when thoughts tend to flow freely, I engaged my mind in some interesting thoughts.  I will try... Continue Reading →

Shadow Government …Why?

A Short Post, Designed To Get You Thinking Why do we even need to invent a term like 'Shadow Government'? Words are used to convey ideas.  While ideas can describe abstractions, practical words like 'shadow' and 'government' do not describe an abstraction.  Someone, somewhere, put these two words together to describe something they had seen.... Continue Reading →

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