Peak Oil – Redux

I came across this article today:  Peak Oil Returns: Why Demand Will Likely Peak By 2030  by Think Progress. Photo credit: Shutterstock Hmmm, I don't believe a word of this.  Well, maybe some of it is all right. But when they talk about peak oil is dead, or peak oil returns (with a different definition),... Continue Reading →

Postcard From My Facebook Page

I sometimes do quick posts to my Facebook page and then wonder why I didn't think to do them here first.  Here is one of those: I have a growing respect for this health website for the fine articles they publish. Here is a very down-to-earth one from Peter Gray MD, "a small town family... Continue Reading →

Exercise in Futility

I am repeating here something I just posted on my Facebook page because I feel I should go on record as having expressed this view more widely. The stupidity or outright crassness of sections of the media, including the BBC, simply astounds me. Many are crowing that the 'myth' of peak oil is over and... Continue Reading →

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