It Does No Harm To Repeat The Known – Especially When So Few People Have Any Real ‘Knowing’ Of It

'There Can Be Only One', the central meme of 'The Highlander' movie and Tv series of the previous century, was my second choice for a title of this piece and carried the extension, '...every other contender loses their head', with the obvious result of being taken out of the contest for ever. That is, whether... Continue Reading →

How I Know Russia Is On The Right Side Of History

Paraphrasing a well-known Jewish ascetic, supposedly murdered but later conveniently deified by Rome... By the product of their actions and words, you shall know them. 'Shibboleths Of War: The Clash Of Old World vs. The New in Ukraine' - Simplicius The Thinker Simply, a brilliant piece of writing. Only a fool would nay-say it.

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