Cats In A Sack. Ready?

Quote: "Our technological advances haven’t come with moral advances, quite the contrary, our morals turn out to be a thin layer of mere cheap veneer. What advances we’re making are the last death rattle of a society in decline, and a dying civilization. All we have left to look forward to from here on in... Continue Reading →

When Will The “Nothing Is Happening” Crowd Finally Wake Up?

When will the “nothing is happening” crowd finally wake up?, asks Michael Snyder.  Good question. World economies are crashing around our ears, but is anyone paying any attention? Media?  Governments?  Investors?  You?  Me?  Oh... well... leave me out of it.  I'm continually trying to tell the story. "Hopefully it will be before they are sitting... Continue Reading →

This Little Piggy Went……

Happy eating to all you meat lovers out there. I hope you can face gazing at your next plate of pork chop, lamb cutlet, beef steak or chicken breast after reading this article. Better enjoy it while you can. There soon won't be enough room for the farming of animals that are big enough to... Continue Reading →

It’s The Only Sensible Thing To Do.

I applaud the Russian move to completely ban the use of GMOs in all food production.  It's the only sensible thing to do. The Monsanto corporation is already feeling the pinch from more and more actions of this sort around the world.  Pretty soon it will be only the complacent and acquiescent developed nations of... Continue Reading →

‘Snowden’ Delays

If I see only one movie at a cinema next year (which will be one more than I saw this year), it will be Oliver Stone's 'Snowden'. Stone says: I can’t finish “Snowden” in time for Christmas 2015. When we ended production in late May, it was always a question of can we be ready... Continue Reading →

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