NATO – “пугать ежа голой задницей”

Read this to understand that.

“The world has gone absolutely insane!” – The Saker

Sometimes I have to wonder about The Saker.  Other times I just love him.  This is one of those ‘love him’ times.  And I was going to also write an article with more or less the same title as this latest one of his – another piece I will have to shelve for a while.  Maybe for ever.

And, while the world’s ‘mad moment’ may not be lengthy, what follows that mass brain effluvium will shortly and surely make any state of mind irrelevant.  You have to be alive to worry about your state of mind. Crazy people do tend to go around killing each other – and we have some of history’s best and most effective methods for doing that in this present age – discounting Novichok of course which, if you follow/believe the dubious depositions of the West on that subject, is the singularly most ineffective ‘death weapon’ ever invented.

Anyway, all that aside, this is a very interesting article by The Saker.  Be warned – reading it may indelibly alter your outlook on life and everything around you.  But, if you are still only slightly mad, it may help put you on an even keel, so to speak.  I call it shock treatment.

By the way, if you haven’t already worked it out, the connection between NATO and those words in Russian in the heading of this post, are an indication that such military force as NATO has at its disposal is akin to trying to “scare a hedgehog with bare ass”. The ‘hedgehog” of course being Russia.

How come it has taken me over 75 years of life to hear that piece of Russian wisdom?

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