In A World Of Rioting Lawyers

The world has gone completely mad when a mob of 500 lawyers (can you imagine that?) assaults and ransacks a hospital over some issue.  I guess it doesn’t matter what the issue is, just the idea of mobs of lawyers running riot around the place simply boggles the mind. It couldn’t happen in a sane world, could it?  Well, it has, in Pakistan.  Unbelievable.  What hope is there left for us?  

Although, I suppose, in a sane world there wouldn’t be any lawyers – but that is beside the point.  

The point being that the world has gone completely mad.  Where does that lead us?  Wherever that is, it is not going to be a good place. 

“Three patients die as 250 lawyers are charged over ransacking hospital in Pakistan”

OK, this is not the first time that lawyers have clashed with police. In November it happened in Delhi, but this time the Pakistani lawyers are being charged under terrorism laws.

How can society retain any semblance of cohesion when lawyers take to the streets? Oh, I just remembered, we are on the threshold of 2020. That’s when, as I understand it, we are set to lose all forms of social cohesion.

And, just to remind you, these two nations – Pakistan and India – are two of the eight or possibly nine nations around the world that possess nuclear weapons. Socially incohesive nations with rioting lawyers and nuclear weapons – there’s a thought to keep you awake at night.

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