…An Expensive Firework Display

I love Maria Zakharova.  She has just the right amount of wit for the important job that she does as spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Have a taste of this and see what you think:

“A lot of what the US is doing in the region [Middle East] more and more seems to be a regional collapse rather than a policy, one way or another. <…> We still remember the fantastic US missiles that failed to hit a target more than a year ago, while now the brilliant US air defense systems could not repel an attack. These are all links in a chain. This self-exposure is happening in a specific region in the context of what the US is doing and can offer the modern world.”

The quote is from: “US claims of its brilliant weapons aren’t proven in combat, says Russian Foreign Ministry”

The incidents Zakharova speaks of are of course firstly the failed US/NATO missile attack in April 2018 on alleged chemical weapons installations in response to an alleged chemical attack (all lies of course, it was a ‘staged’ event) in the Syrian city of Douma. Syrian air defences destroyed 71 out of 103 cruise missiles launched in the attack (which is about the right sort of kill-ratio to be expected, given the circumstances), raising questions as to the cost-effectiveness of the attack and the capabilities of the missiles used in return for the destruction of several unrelated buildings and a number of innocent deaths. 

And then the more recent devastating armed drone attack by the Yemen military on targets in Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, causing widespread destruction and temporary (?perhaps) disruption of supply to the global oil market.  The much vaunted ‘brilliant’ US air defence weapons at the Saudi disposal failed to down any of the missiles or drones used in the attack, the drones returning to base to be used again, and presumably again and again.

“Speaking about why US Patriot surface-to-air missile systems could not repel the (latest or previous Yemeni) attack, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out that air defense systems “have mixed success” and “don’t always pick things up.” 

…but cost millions of dollars per missile for what is essentially an expensive firework display.

Perhaps that is why Turkey (a NATO member state), India, and several other nations are actively looking at or actually buying Russia’s latest alternative offerings.  President Putin (who was also blessed with remarkable wit) has even offered to sell them to the US.   

Not mentioned (perhaps it is now too old history) was the ineffective US missile attack on the Shayrat air base in Syria in April 2017, again in response to a staged chemical attack.  Some 59 cruise missiles were used in that attack.  About half that number were shot down, at least one other caused civilian casualties several kilometres away from the target, and the whereabouts of the remainder remains unknown. A few unserviceable aircraft were hit and the airbase was operational the very next day.

Altogether a remarkable demonstration of the ineffectiveness of US missile technology for either the attack or defence roles. 

America finds itself way behind the 8-ball in the 21st century in this field.  Which is probably why they have disengaged from all international arms treaties in recent times. 

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