Oh What A Lovely War

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Global War – Armageddon style.

At least, what the popular conception of that word is.

It’s the war that we have to have.  We haven’t had a really good one this century, so far.  But it’s coming.  I can feel it.

Not much different from 100 years ago:

There was a time when I religiously believed, as a great many still do, that a war in exactly the theatre of operations that this particular conflict  in the Middle East and which is gradually dragging more and more groups and nations into it, a war referred to as ‘Armageddon’, would end the current age and usher in a new one.  The details don’t matter since I no longer believe that sort of thing.  If anything, Armageddon referred to some event in the past (not in the future, or the present) when we were still under the direct influence of the gods (our descriptive term, not theirs), which has not been the case for the past 2,300 to 2,600 years.  Note:  I placed a link here to explain the previous statement, but have now removed it.  Some care has to be taken because deluded or unscrupulous people are attracted to this sort of mystery and, in the internet age, tend to pervert narratives to their own ends.  In any case, not all gods actually left, chiefly Marduk, and they may be covertly influencing world affairs even now.

Armageddon, according to the popular interpretations of the Bible narrative (partly from the Book of Daniel, written at a time when the gods were still around and pro-active in world affairs, and partly from the Book of Revelations), was to be played out between the King of the North and the King of the South, battle swinging back and forth over the ground of the Holy Place  (Jerusalem?).  The King of the North is popularly taken to be Russia, acting as leader of some Northern confederacy, presumably Syria and Iran.  The King of the South is likewise popularly taken to be America, acting as ‘The Beast’ who is the leader of a Southern confederacy, presumably Egypt and Saudi Arabia, et al.

Anyway, as the story goes, The Beast defeats the armies of the King of the North, destroying Jerusalem in the process.  The Beast’s armies are then destroyed by the arrival of The Messiah (Jesus), and then …well, everything’s sweet.  For some.  Eternal fiery torment for the rest.  If you believe any of that.

It is mostly Americans who believe this stuff (I hesitate to offer proof of this, and you follow that link at your own peril of mind contamination), which makes me wonder why they see themselves as being associated with ‘The Beast’ who destroys Jerusalem.  I wonder what the Israelis make of that?  Oh, of course, the Jews don’t recognise the New Testament.  Wise move.

Personally, I think the only thing we can take from that story is that nobody wins, and a huge mess results.

Since the time when the gods (our descriptive term, not theirs) left us to fend for ourselves, we have been waging war against each other almost continually.  It’s not surprising really since they themselves did exactly the same, and since we were created in their image it is just an inherited trait.  It’s in our nature and we will keep on doing it.  Until we can’t, for whatever reason.  One suitable reason might be, there’s no-one left to fight any more.

So.  Here we are, on the brink of another global war, starting sometime this year by my reckoning.  It’s going to be loud; It’s going to be crazy; and it’s going to have an effect on all of us in some way.  Well, more than just that, it’s going to be the end of our civilisation.  It’s going to leave us with no infrastructure, no resources, no power, no organised social structure.  It will be a reboot of human culture, starting mostly from scratch.  And you can bet your boots that most of the people who knew how things work, how to organise things, how to make stuff (the stuff that we knew and relied on previously), will mostly have perished in the preceding conflict.  I fully expect there will still be lots of those who want to take charge and control things (mostly for their own benefit) loitering around.  What we make of it all, what you more than me (since I probably won’t be around) will make of it all, will be entirely up to yourselves.

I was going to put lots of references here on articles which show that a terrible war is imminent, but you can find them for yourself quite easily (if you can’t think of anything else, such as reading back through some of my posts or going to those blogs to which I frequently refer, simply do an internet search for ‘is global war coming’).  You can even get a twisted version of the subject on the News, though you could be taken entirely by surprise if that is what you tend to rely on as a source of information on what is going on in your world.

Or, you could dismiss the entire subject as nonsense.  The choice is yours.

Added after publication:

Why did I use this Guardian link to illustrate the dangers inherent in the wars currently going on in the Middle East?   I knew I had a reason.  Just didn’t get to express it.

Well, describing the situation probably better that I could have done, a comment to this post on another site said this:

That maniac Erdogan (President of Turkey) wants to send troops into Syria!
However, a reason, or an horrific occurrence is needed as excuse.
Enter a false flag today! Wonder of wonders! Hospitals bombed.
All blamed on that dastardly Putin and the Russian’s. Oh the horror!
Turkey is a NATO country. Russia will react with force. If any of their military is threatened or harmed, they will retaliate. All it will take is one miscue to turn this nuclear and global.

Then, the VERY last thing people will be thinking about is the economy!

We will be only one step away from escalating global conflict if Turkey and Saudi act as they say they will.

And who’s fault will that be?  Well, it was the Americans who started this whole little shindig.




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