Wrathful Planet? Hardly.

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I understand this sentiment, and the underlying idea and truth behind it, but we have to be careful in ascribing personality or personification to a totally natural, material object, subject to the laws of the physical realm, just as we are.

Speaking of the Earth as ‘mother’, ‘she’, ‘her’, while it may provide some level of comfort and a sense of belonging and relationship, is almost as trite as using the relational descriptors of ‘father’, ‘he’, ‘him’ (whether capitalised or not), to some supposed eternal, all powerful, invisible, creator being who has never appeared to nor demonstrated any form of endearment, care, or even recognition of us.  Not surprising really, when the concept is simply a figment of our imagination (whether loosely based on other more real personages of historical importance, or not).

I did say ‘almost’ as trite.  At least we can see, smell, hear and touch the Earth, and we are intrinsically and physically bound to her (there you go, the idea of ‘mother’ is so ingrained within us that it feels awkward and unreal to use the term ‘it’) in spite of our attempts to escape those ties to find other worlds, other ‘mothers’, to plunder.

Nevertheless, I think we do understand our relationship with planet.  We just tend to go overboard sometimes with our gushing need to belong to something bigger than ourselves.  At least we don’t need any sort of faith to secure our attachment to our world, nor to follow whatever destiny that planet is yet to unfold for us.

Please note that I am not entirely disallowing for there to be some sort of spiritual connection indwelling physical objects as part of some world of spirit which exists not in some far away ‘heaven’ but within and alongside our own or in some parallel universe sort of situation.  In fact I am quite deeply relying on that premise to have some basis in truth.  Otherwise there is no meaning at all to our existence, living in a world and universe without purpose or direction.  Yet another premise to which I have not closed my mind completely.

I stand entirely reliant on my own personal judgement, experience and intuition, for my leanings toward which of those cases I feel is actual and real.  While I am willing to listen to other views, I know that I am ultimately responsible only to self to determine the veracity of any other idea or thing.

So, whether we end up being disposed of, tolerated, or welcomed as planetary partners with our home, has nothing to do with our beliefs or our mischief, or planet’s beliefs or anger or desires, nor any such attributes of any other entity existing in our universe.  Only the natural laws of the natural world will determine our fate.  We can, however, do certain things that may help to improve our chances of making a successful go of it. I will leave it to others or to past or future posts here to define what those things may be.



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  1. I get a bit sick of the “Mother Earth” thing, too. I suppose it helps some people relate somehow.

    “Otherwise there is no meaning at all to our existence, living in a world and universe without purpose or direction”…..you said something along the same lines in a recent post. Does there have to be a “meaning” for it all? For you it seems, but not for me. I just accept what is. Life is complex enough without having to try and find a meaning for it 😉

    1. Well, yes, for me it would be more fulfilling, not to mention make more sense, if there were some actual purpose to all of this, otherwise it wouldn’t have mattered if we had remained simply just apes or to take it back a step or two further, just amoebas.

      I am not one who believes that we individually came here by choice to learn something, find ourselves, progress along the line of suffering to reach perfection, get off the wheel of Samsara, or anything like that to advance to a higher spiritual state through service to others. Although I did use to think along those lines, the whole idea of gaining merit through good deeds simply annoys me and irks me greatly now. How pompous and self-absorbed those people generally are, doing things solely for self-advancement. But that is typical human behaviour I suppose.

      Personally, I don’t think it is all just down to evolution either. Yes, I accept there are evolutionary processes going on. The fact that we are gradually poisoning and stupifying ourselves to the point of unviability as a species where we will soon lose the ability to tie our own shoelaces let alone make our own shoes, is one of those processes.

      I don’t want to start preaching about alien races here, although I may do some posts around that soon, but I see something different about humans that signals for me that while we are definitely earth animals, we don’t entirely belong here. That indicates probable purpose, although of course I accept that it could just happen by accident of nature, so, as I said in the post I haven’t entirely closed my mind to that possibility. I do hope to discover more before I pass on or fade away.

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