Waiting For The Toast To Pop-Up

‘The Shipping News Says the World Economy Is Toast’.

1x-1Image Source: Shanghai Shipping Exchange via Bloomberg

While the ‘toast’ thing may be something of an overstatement of the situation right now, the information presented here does make it very clear that ‘stuff’ is not being moved about around the world nearly as much as it used to be.  That does not present a very bright picture of what the ‘experts’ maintain is a recovering global economy, does it?

Now, while I would applaud that as being the way we need to be going (the economy slowing not recovering, that is) if we want to still be here in any meaningful way in a few decades, I don’t think many people would be clapping along with me.  So, what’s the real situation?

From what has been said, we can gather that since the movement of ‘stuff’ is the only thing which keeps the world economy going, and that movement is decidedly slowing, the world economy is at some point (since there is no way for it to get going again) going to grind to a halt, or maybe even suddenly fall off a cliff.  And even if there was a way to get it going again, perhaps by sprinkling a little pixie dust, it would only end a little further down the track as we all roast, or should that be toast ourselves (ah, that’s where the toast comes in), in a heating world of climate madness.

Well that’s as may be, but I don’t think there is any way that we can keep flogging the global economy donkey that will cause it to get back onto four legs ever again.  We certainly have the lack of good sense to attempt it, but I am fairly sure that we do not possess the will nor the means nor power to achieve anything of the sort.  Events of one sort or another, currently laying in wait for this moment, will overtake us before any such attempt can gain momentum.

Ok, so the global economy is toast after all.  It just hasn’t popped up yet.  But the timer is steadily counting down.

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