Maintaining The Trust

In spite of the almost daily barrage of innuendo, misrepresentation and outright lies emanating from biased Western media, the disinformation and outright lies coming from Western government propaganda sources and the pure gibberish put out by oral mucous ejecting, rabid, uninformed and ill-informed internet opinion ‘experts’ and trolls, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin still, after all this time, manages to present as the only extant sane world and national leader currently operating.  His people should be proud.

No, I am not a Putin Fanboy.  I just recognise the difference between quality and Kmart.


I personally trust this man.  I trust his judgement.  I trust his integrity.  I trust his motives.  I trust his vision for his nation and the future.  Why?  Because I believe that I fully understand what he is trying to do, and his reasons and passion for pursuing those goals, which are at the same time, simple, reasonable and laudable.

I cannot, unfortunately, make the same statement about any other world leader, nor about any of the prospective replacements for them over the next few years.

Why do Western nations have to choose idiots, criminals, fools and the disreputable to lead them.  I always thought that the cream was supposed to rise to the top.  There is obviously something inherently wrong, sick, corrupt or just plain bad about how we in the West set about getting someone with the right human attributes and characteristics to lead us.  And this is not a new phenomenon.  It has been this way for a while now.  It reflects pretty badly on our societies, on our collective and individual values, and our lack of backbone and gumption to do any fucking thing about it.  We are content to sit back and let slimy snakes from the undercurrents of our sewer systems drag us to the brink of war and national ruin.  Not to mention assisting corrupt and evil corporate organisations to feed us shit, make us sick, and rob us blind in pretending to treat us make us well again.  Well fuck ’em all.  We deserve what we get, unless we decide to take care of ourselves in spite of the situation and ignoring everything they try to tell us is being done for our good.

Hmm… Well, that’s not what I started this for, so I will just end by offering this RT article for your reading pleasure and hope that it will dispel some of the crappy lies ‘they’ want you to believe, and it is much more than just the title may indicate: Russia supports both Assad troops and rebels in battle against ISIS – Putin

Happy reading, or whatever.  I think I need a drink.


2 thoughts on “Maintaining The Trust

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  1. I don’t know that I would trust him. He is a Person In Power after all. But he has a brain, which is something no Western leader has.

    1. Yes, trust can obviously be misplaced and broken. However, I have never heard him say a word that I could discern was said insincerely. I think he has strong belief in what he is doing and may even see it as a mission.

      Just the fact that he is largely despised outside of his country, compared to all the other dickheads that he has to deal with, and is relatively popular within it, tells me he is doing something right, and merits a few brownie points in my book.

      He is being very patient with the West (another good point) but he is preparing quietly for any dirty tricks they may decide to employ.

      It’s all a cat and mouse game really, with Russia being the mouse. But a mouse with strong teeth and claws ready to maul any cat that gets too pushy.

      I don’t think that Russia has ever been the threat to global peace that the West has maintained that country to be. Not even at any time throughout the Cold War. They have always seen themselves as defending their own country, even it it occasionally meant supporting an ally that was being bullied, eg. Cuba and now Syria.

      Now, if Mr Putin started to pursue the goal of World Super Power like the USA obviously is, then he would lose all respect that I have for him. Sadly, I don’t know what is going to happen when it is time for him to step down. That, I think will be an even more dangerous time for the world than we have now. He does appear to be a bit of a one-off, break the mold, kind of guy.

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