The Biggest International Heist Ever Perpetrated. And The Joke’s On Us

You’ve heard of the TPP, right?

You know that I have, for years, been warning against Australia having anything to do with it, right?

You know that our government has sold us out by signing up as part of it, right?

You know that the full details of what it contains have only been released after all participants signed up, right?

Well, chew on this.  It is revealed on the US Trade Representative web site just what the agreement is all about.   Read it for yourself.


Leveling the playing field for American workers & American businesses.
See How It Puts Our Workers, Businesses, and Values First

Bugger everybody else, it is all about America.  Just like I have been saying all along.  Our government are just duped mugs and it will cost us billions of dollars in the future, if we want to exercise any sort of independence.  Mark my words.


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