All Quiet On The Eastern Front

It has been quiet for a while hasn’t it?  Ukraine somehow fell off the front page news list. The Kiev Theatre Company and its supporting cast Obama, Abbott & Co, having been laughed off the stage for their last little fairy tale sketch about destroying an invading Russian convoy, haven’t in recent days come up with any new lies.

Russia meanwhile, having got fed up of waiting in the wings quietly while their ethnic neighbours have been ruthlessly pounded and pummelled by the US backed neo-nazis in Ukraine behind the scenes, have now marched onto centre stage with their aid convoy for the beleaguered folk of Eastern Ukraine.

Oh, come on, let’s call it what it is. Not Eastern Ukraine, but DPR, the Donetsk Peoples Republic, because that is what it is, just that it hasn’t so far been recognised as such.

There is also another one around Luhansk.  Let’s call that the LPR, the Luhansk Peoples Republic, and this is where the convoy is headed first.  Presumably because that is where it is most needed.  I expect that these two republics eventually will join together into something like the East Ukraine Peoples Republic or the Little Russia Peoples Republic. The actual name doesn’t matter. The split of Ukraine somewhere down the middle, does. And the recognition of such split, does.

Meanwhile, centre stage, having neatly bypassed any contact with Ukrainian border posts, or totally ignoring them, with warnings to anybody who might think otherwise not to interfere with what they are doing, the Russians have effectively disempowered any attempt to whinge and whine about it from the West.  It has already happened.  What’s to whinge & whine about, now? 

Not that this situational accomplishment has deterred The Bishop (Julie) from feebly bleating out some ridiculous nonsense before checking with her brain whether that would be a wise or sane thing to do.  But that is par for the course with our nutty leaders.  The same goes for a nameless US representative spouting something similar in this shared article (shared only because it is a convenient link to promote my editorial post, since even the ABC these days can’t report anything sensible but tends to faithfully follow the party line).  Whatever.  It is all a bit passé now, isn’t it?  It already having happened.

If this is a Russian invasion, then it is a very quiet one …so far.  Chess Master Vlad. V. Putin still has the game under control and appears to be making all the right moves.  But then, the team of hopefuls sitting on the other side of the game-board does not present much in the way of competition, does it?

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