A Challenge!

What, Why, Where, How?

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just mind my own business and be content to just read stuff instead of finding it necessary to comment on what others have written.  In times past, that is exactly what I would have done but with recognition comes responsibility.

Since I became aware some years ago that the world of humanity is heading inexorably into troubled waters as a result of our progress, our technological success and our breeding program (whether consciously or sub-consciously applied), I have felt the need, no, the imperative, to participate at whatever level I could to make others aware of that situation, whether they like it or not.

And so, it came about that I innocuously commented on an article posted at Resilience.org (no, don’t read it yet, hear what I have to say first) recently.  The article is about Ammonia possibly becoming a useful energy storage.  I saw this suggestion as yet another desperate attempt to find answers to one of the most pressing problems, in my view, confronting our top heavy, shakily grounded, bulging at the seams, rivet popping, wall cracking, global society whose life support (power, water, food supplies) is about to be cut off by a landlord (nature) long becoming fed up with a tenant’s breaches of the rental/lease agreement.

I must have intuitively foreseen that this may turn into something much more when I posted it as a status update on my Facebook page.  (No, hold off reading the article just yet.  I will tell you when.)

During the cut and thrust of comments to the article, Luane Todd (I think this is the correct Luane Todd, my humble apologies if it is not) got involved in a reply to one of mine.  Luane is a regular commentator at sites like Resilience.org and I have been impressed with her writing and viewpoints over time.

The Challenge

Serve me right for interfering.  Luane, in her comments, got around to politely requesting that I explain what I meant by ‘taking a broader view’.  Here are a couple of quotes to frame the situation:


” My hope is that more people will find the courage to lift their gaze a little higher to see the broader view rather than focussing too much on things that are of relatively little value in the greater scheme of things.”.


“What things/areas/broader view do you suggest we start paying attention to? I have my own thoughts, some of which I have already mentioned. Seems like those of us trying to keep the damage under control might want to be specific about the things we see as priorities. What do you think? Are you game to try that approach?”.

(OK. You can go back to the Resilience link if you like now to read the article and comments.  Or wait until I am finished here.  Won’t be too much longer.)

And so, I have been reeled in.  Not unwillingly, since I have long thought that I should commit to writing just what I really think.  That sort of clarity does not really come across in the regular blogging and status updating that I do, which are often driven by some emotional energy around a focussed issue, rather than being an informed statement of deeply held views.

I have attempted something of the sort previously when I thought that I should be a ‘Prepper’ some time back.  Prepping is of course a worthwhile activity but one that has attracted some less than attractive attributes and adherents, particularly in the US where many folk seem to have a lot more money than sense, leading them to invest in practices and equipment that they are unlikely to ever get to benefit from, even if at some stage they needed to.  I invested quite a lot of time and effort in setting up a blog website called ‘Preparations‘.  The structure is all there, but when it came to getting down to the nitty-gritty detail I lost interest due to the enormity of the task.  Many of my views are recorded there in detail and I may at some stage retrieve the energies that initiated it to build on the work that I did there.

My Commitment

It is my intention to take up Luane’s challenge here on this blog and I will do my best, but there is no guarantee that the work will not peter out in similar fashion to Preparations.

Let it be said that I am more of a thinker or dreamer than a doer or practical person.  I have a logical brain that drove me into an occupation for a good portion of my working life as a computer systems analyst and programmer.  I was good at that and could immerse and focus myself to solve pretty complex logic problems at times.  However, that won’t pass muster in a physical world during a period of upheaval and disturbance.  I recognised this some time ago and have been working towards obtaining an increased level of personal practical skills since then, and gathering necessary equipment, tools and knowledge that I see as becoming useful in such circumstances.

Let it also be said that I do not consider myself an expert in anything that will become essential in a world of declining energy resources.  But I am learning and, while my experience may be in short supply, my view of possibilities is broad and encompasses a wide range of issues.  Many of today’s practical skills may not, in any case, have much value in a future world situation, while those able to hold the big picture will always have a part to play.

So, on with the job of defining and clarifying my points of view by committing them to prose.  I do so as much for myself as for anyone else.

Where to start?

I decided to make a start in the next post by setting the stage, as a framework for further work, there. 


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